I love action, transformation and coaching, rather than a static figure of a Chef supervising a kitchen.

I believe the Chef can transfer his product knowledge to the dish he prepares thereby sharing with the guest his character, sensibility and technical capacity.

Cooking is not just the process of preparing food by applying heat; but while we change its flavor, texture, consistency and appearance, we give it something from our heart.

My knowledge comes from the flavors and the richness of Italy’s territory. My culinary development began in a small family shop, following the Mediterranean change of the seasons, respecting the time, and watching grandmother’s attentive and wise hands, always choosy on selecting only the best the land had to offer, simply “cooking” like cooks have been doing for thousands of years. Right there, where the sea meets the sky, between enrapturing landscapes, atmospheres and aromas, a gastronomic experience becomes alive.

And so, my cuisine comes from the gardens and the cliffs that overlook the sea and rise to the mountain, from a land of travelers, farmers and aristocrats which make for an unparalleled eno-gastronomy.

I am proud to come from the “land of the myth”, from the poverty of the inaccessible areas, from the kiosk of the street food to the courts of the aristocrats who travelled around the world like my ancestors.  A little gold thread holds me to my native land, to a tradition that I live and I elaborate day after day through the virtues of a Chef evoking with modernity, forgotten taste.


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