“The magic in cooking is the ability to give others so many
sensations in such a limited space, a dish! In the volatility of a bite”


We are committed to making a difference by sharing enogastronomic experiences driven by passion and feelings of place.

We tell a story of delicious food and fascinating conviviality with a gracious spirit of hospitality.


To conceptualize, develop and implement novel food and beverage concepts in global locations.

To apply strategic and operational plans that return positively on invested funds across an array of establishments, to include high end cuisine, casual and elegant dining and large scale events.

Meet Massimo Falsini

Food & Beverage Advisor

Chef Massimo Falsini, Italian Native, bears a twenty-five years vocation across the globe developing food and beverage concepts, designing kitchen layouts and opening and operating food and beverage divisions in such large scale establishments as luxury, boutique and full service hotels and theme parks.

“I love action, transformation, and coaching, rather than a static figure of a Chef supervising a kitchen. I believe the Chef can transfer his product knowledge to the dish he prepares thereby sharing with the guest his character, sensibility, and technical capacity. Cooking is not just the process of preparing food by applying heat; but while we change its flavor, texture, consistency, and appearance, we give it something from our heart.”