Services for Food & Beverage

Culinary Financial Improvement
of Existing Concept:

  • Streamline supply chain and systems
  • Establish comprehensive
    restaurant revenue management system
  • Wastage management 
  • Recipes control and analysis
  • Market relevance analysis 
  • Culinary program marketing strategy development
  • Quality control regular or periodical
  • Food & Beverage deep dive
    • Equipment and supplies usage and procurement
    • Forecasting
  • Menu evaluation and analysis
    • Mystery guest report, flavor profiles, balance and relevance
    • Profitability, labor efficiency & productivity

Conceptualizing, Developing,
and Executing Concept:

  • Effective kitchen layout design
  • Culinary talent selection 
  • Recipe and product R&D
  • Gelato program including CDFA approval
  • Complete charcuterie program including
    HACCP and CDFA approval
  • Sous vide cooking HACCP program
  • R&D on multiple ethnic cuisines
    • Mediterranean, regional Italian, regional French,
    • New American, California North, South, and Coastal
    • Southeast Asia, regional Japanese

Clients and Partners